Strength; Love will always TRUMP Hate

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The definition of strength is a state of being physically or mentally strong. We all know what being physically strong looks like. But what is inner strength and how do we measure it?

We’ve all been forced to endure conflict. Does facing conflict make us strong…or does it make us mortal?  Is the person who overcame a lot of conflict stronger than the person who’s faced minimal conflict? Or is it the means in which they faced the conflict that measures their strength? 

I don’t believe facing adversity makes us strong; it makes us human. It’s not even how we handle adversity that makes us strong. It’s forgiving adversity that gives us the most power.

For example, Americans are facing adversity with our controversial new president.  Some of us complain non stop, others choose to turn a blind eye, and a few stand behind him. But let’s face it, most of us bitch and complain and choose to go to battle for our rights as “we the people.” The war against our government is rampant and has sparked a wildfire of contempt. Would you say the strongest ones are the people fighting the fight? Sure, they have powerful intentions of fighting for freedom and advocating for equality. Their conviction IS strong. But real strength is never in the fight. Endorsing anger for a good cause is counter productive. Feeding into more negativity is disadvantageous because it reinforces hatred, even if for a good cause. Well intentioned, good-hearted people gather in numbers with the hopes of promoting change. And their intention shows strength. The passion is powerful, but the rage is harmful.

In my opinion, and I know many disagree; but in my opinion true strength comes in the release of anger and trusting the universe to guide humanity to salvation. Arguing with your neighbor and rallying well-meaning causes is not going to solve the problem. Posting hateful statements to try to rile others for support is not showing strength, it’s yelling “I’m pissed at this dumbass who keeps making ridiculous decisions.” It’s a way to relieve stress because misery loves approval. And we all do it. 

Strength lies in faith and forgiveness. Sometimes it takes ignorance and idiocy as a reminder of how much we care about unity and justice. So instead of berating the president “we the people” chose (it’s a done deal folks), we should thank him for channeling our inner faith in protecting humanity. Because strength is not only in numbers, but it’s the POWER of our desires. We fail to recognize  inner strength by ignoring our capacity of thought and intention. Saying a prayer for what you believe in is more powerful than cursing the opposition because love is more powerful than hate. So if you could channel all of that energy that goes into hating government into loving the cause, change would happen quicker and you would be in a better emotional state to receive the desired outcome. It’s a win/win situation. And not only will you be a stronger person, but we will become a stronger nation.



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