What is meditation?

Whenever I thought about meditation I envisioned a wise old bald man in a Jacquard robe sitting in an uncomfortable yoga pose while chanting something inaudible; eyes closed and palms open towards the sky. I’d always heard about the powers of meditation but unable to reach a place I could clear my mind enough to  enter virtual reality on another wavelength. Instead, I learned to trust my inner voice. Not the voice that lectures me throughout the day and points out mistakes; not the nagging voice that criticizes and judges harshly. There’s another internal voice  I can only hear at certain times, usually when I’m driving. That voice became more familiar each year as I was trying to “find myself” and still reminds me it’s here when I need it. It’s the voice of my higher self.


I believe energy is the force of life. When I’m feeling down or depressed, my energy level is low and I have a hard time getting out of my own way. But when my vibration is high, circumstances improve dramatically. When I was living alone and not working I could easily find a raised level of vibration because I didn’t have a lot of stressors and could  focus on things I enjoyed. Once work and life distractions happened I fell back into the pattern of self sabotage and began to dwell on everything I didn’t have and slowly became resentful. My higher self seemingly grew tired of me and decided to fly south for the winter, leaving me alone with that nagging bitchy voice, otherwise known as my ego.

As my ego grew louder, it attracted other people with similar complaints and I found myself morphing back into Debbie Downner (insert sad trombone sound, wha’ wha’ whaaaaaa’). Fortunately my higher self hadn’t actually run off to a tropical island, leaving me helpless and alone with ego. I just couldn’t receive messages while feeling sorry for myself. Life hadn’t become horrible; it remained stagnant and I grew bored.  So I did what any spiritually focused energy mass would do and I decided to call upon my higher self and begged it to give me another chance at happiness. When I was finally able to rediscover that loving voice, it assured me it had never left and never would.  I decided to develop an individualized meditation because I knew I didn’t want to lose sight of my true self again. I’m going to share my secret to happiness in case someone is out there who needs a boost of happiness serum to get back on track.


Mornings are the best time for me to begin my ritual. I sit in a comfortable chair and take a few deep breaths. I close my eyes and smile as I think about some of the things I’m grateful for. If I have coffee or tea I try to savor the taste and aroma as I look out at the sky and thank the universe for its miraculous gifts. As I envision myself surrounded by a glowing light that will protect me from anything unpleasant, I feel safe and relaxed knowing my only mission is to feel good. I let go of any worry and put complete faith into the universe.  All you have to do is feel good and let life happen. Feeling good is only complicated because we’ve trained ourselves to think about all the what-ifs instead of allowing life to just be. I don’t know why our minds feel the need to wander into the unknown and expect the worse. Is there even a point to that? Does it make sense to train yourself to worry about what may or may not happen? 


Just breathing and smiling  is the natural state of being. There’s no sense in murking life with fear of the unknown. Being grateful for what is and letting go of what might be can transform circumstances immediately. There’s no need to meditate if you can grasp this simple concept. Reality is what you make it. Your beliefs are your reality. So the next time you start to dwell on all that is wrong with your life, figure out what belief or thought is holding you back, breathe, smile, and let that shit go.

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