A little bit about me

Here’s the skinny…

You already know my name. You’re probably wondering what I can do to help you. Like many of you,  I had a job from hell  and challenging relationship for years. In the midst of an emotional breakdown I did what many of us do… turned to God. Hence, my new-founded belief in spirituality.  I decided to trust in God so much I left my job to pursue my passion. I immersed myself in spiritual teachings and wahlah– my outlook on life changed. 

I was no longer broken. But I was broke.

I discovered my passion for writing about the transformation that took place as I was studying A Course In MIracles. I also wrote a book, made jewelry, painted and designed some logos for fun. Makes sense, right? Problem was, I didn’t generate a steady income. That’s a pretty BIG problem. 


Here’s where my experiences and knowledge might help you. I decided to listen to my higher voice (spirit, guardian angel, guide, or whatever you want to call it) and wrote about some pretty shitty life experiences and how I could take every single messed up situation and turn it into a learning experience. 


Let’s face it. Sometimes life sucks and we find ourselves in the midst of a live circus with our ego playing ring leader. Spirituality doesn’t change any of that. What it does do is help see a light in a seemingly dark and scary tunnel. I’ll be your flash light and guide you into the world of spirituality because it offers hope when all seems lost. I won’t force it down your throat or tell you how lovely life will be if you just believe. I’m not here to make false promises or tell you how picture perfect life became when I discovered God. 


I’ll be real with you. I wrote the book Leap of Faith because I took one. But I suffered a few scrapes and bruises on the way down and I didn’t land in a cushy safety net. I’m not a guru and can’t tell you where to find enlightenment. I’m just here to offer direction from man-made darkness towards the spiritual light that already resides within. 


If I’ve piqued your curiosity and you want to read my first book you can order it here.

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