Why I won’t be Celebrating Back to School

Lack of parental supervision of social media is the catalyst to a downward spiral for many teens, including my own. Not all kids abuse social media, but too many are sucked into its abyss and the affects can be damaging.

Mothers Day Gift of Self Discovery

What I had to give up to allow my daughter to find peace through self discovery.

How Words can Unintentionally Destroy a Relationship

This is a personal example of how words unintentionally damaged a relationship and why I will be more cognizant of the things I say.

Strength; Love will always TRUMP Hate

Strength comes from forgiveness. Instead of fighting for justice through anger, we should embrace it through forgiveness.

Perception; is there a Right and Wrong?

Perception is as unique as the person who carries it. Our entire belief system is an entanglement of infinite perceptions. It’s a complex translation of thought patterns that guide us through life.

Tired of Being Disappointed? I have a Simple Life Changing Solution.

Are you stressed or frustrated and wonder why? I've found myself contemplating the source of my frustration... and disappointment is at the top of that list. That along with financial hardship, hormonal factors, and stupid people. Living in shitty ass cold Maine is...

Meditaton made Simple

What is meditation? Whenever I thought about meditation I envisioned a wise old bald man in a Jacquard robe sitting in an uncomfortable yoga pose while chanting something inaudible; eyes closed and palms open towards the sky. I'd always heard about the powers of...

Letter to My Teenage Daughter

I wrote this letter to my strong willed teenage daughter after she got into some trouble at school. She defies all house and school rules and insists on doing things her way. It has caused a great deal of stress and I felt like a failure as a parent. After sixteen years of stress I learned how to let it go.

Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD), A Mother’s Perspective

A personal account from a mother’s perspective of Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD) and the social and emotional effects it has on the individual and society.

A Mother’s Guide to Mental Illness

Life can change in an instant. Suddenly external factors that once seemed important become insignificant. I want others to understand that the differences we try so desperately to hide can also be embraced if we learn to open our minds and accept that which is not picture perfect.

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