Goal: To write about life lessons based on spirituality  in a way that won’t cause eye rolling or trigger a gag reflex.

Purpose: To teach you to tap into the power you have to change any circumstance, even when you feel a secret desire to hurt someone (let’s be real- we’ve all been there).

Hi, I'm Laurel

middle name, Elizabeth

last name, Noddin

I wrote a book

Leap of Faith


I'm a student of

A Course In Miracles



We have the right to be happy,



we have the responsibility to find our passion,



we have the power to to change our lives.


Read about survival  in the workforce.

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Read a quick blip about A Course In Miracles.

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If you feel imprisoned

It's time to break free!

I’m offering a FREE download about Spirituality 101. As a student of  A Course In Miracles, I’ve written a condensed version for the beginner or anyone curious about its teachings.  In this guide you will receive a laid back, non preachy approach to the basics of spirituality, with a hint of sarcasm. Disclaimer: If mild cursing offends you, this might not be suitable reading.

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