“Hi, I’m Laurel. I’m a self-help author and spiritual teacher. I believe we should ALL be living a happy existence doing whatever it is we are passionate about. It’s time to stop doing what you think you’re supposed to do and start doing what you believe in. It’s really that simple.”

But first I have to ask...

You hold the key. I know how to use it.

I wrote a book titled Leap of Faith; How I Bridged the Gap Between Fear and Love and learn how I personally triumphed my greatest challenges by discovering  faith in a power greater than this life has to offer. Learn how I became a happier and healthier person once I embraced spirituality and released the all encompassing ego. Take action today.

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Leap of Faith; How I Bridged the Gap Between Fear and Love

by Laurel Elizabeth Noddin

I published my first self help book in 2015. Leap of Faith is a personal journal about a midlife spiritual awakening after realizing I had lost myself. As a single middle-aged woman, I felt trapped in an unhealthy job and an unloving relationship. I had come to believe that I was sentenced to a life of anxiety and depression. Fear compelled me to change my life. I walked away from my only source of income and the man I loved in search of the secret to happiness. The secret came in a book, and miracles began to happen.

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